To Buyers

To Buyers

How to work the buyer on the platform.

1. Register as a buyer.

2. Choose a product, if there is no necessary product, place an ad about the purchase of the product you need, the sellers themselves will make you an offer. If you have a seller, then invite him to place an ad about the product you need on the platform.

3. Discuss all the details of the contract with the seller in private messages on the platform, then sign the contract Offline.

4. Click the buy product button, then select all the conditions according to your contract and upload the contract you signed.

5. Next, pay the invoice issued by the platform.

6. The seller ships the goods and provides you with the documents according to the contract, you check them and give your consent to the payment to the seller.

7. The platform unlocks the amount of the contract to the seller.

8. You receive the goods according to the terms of the contract.

9. The buyer does not pay a commission for the contract.

There are no risks for the buyer, you pay after fulfilling the terms of the contract. If the contract is not fulfilled, 100% of the amount is returned to the buyer's bank account without commission deduction!

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