To Sellers

To Sellers

How to work as a seller on the platform.

1. Register as a seller.

2. Place an ad about your products, buyers will contact you themselves. If you have a buyer, send him a link to your product. If you have an urgent sale, place an ad about the "Flash sale" of goods on the platform. You can also make an offer to buyers on the purchase page, where buyers are looking for the goods they need.

3. Discuss all the details of the contract with the buyer in private messages on the platform, then sign the contract Offline.

4. Further, if the buyer buys your product, the system will provide you with an order in your Dashboard in Order Detail.

5. Next, the contract amount will be credited to your wallet and will be blocked there.

6. You ship the goods and provide all the documents according to the contract to the buyer, the buyer checks and agrees to the payment.

7. The platform unlocks the contract amount and you will withdraw it to your bank account.

There are no risks for the seller, you will receive payment for the goods after fulfilling the terms of the contract. If you violate the terms of the contract, the buyer can close the contract and get their money back.

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